Daily Activities of the Nuns

The nuns awaken at 5am, to come together for the morning puja (prayer ritual), which starts at 5:30 am. During the morning session, the nuns study scripture readings and philosophy, and engage in debates. The nuns take a short nap during the heat of the day, and then begin Tibetan grammar in the afternoon. They also study English, handwriting and self studies during the afternoons.


During the evening session the nuns memorize scriptures, prepare for the night debates, and engage in group discussion.


The evening prayer starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm, after which the nuns engage in individual debates and class group debates.
The nuns go to bed around 11:30 pm, after doing personal prayer.


Teachers and Study Program


 Presently, Geshe Jampa Tashi, of Gaden Shartse Phukhang Khangtsen is the Abbot of the nunnery.  We have ten teachers from Gaden and Drepung Monastery, including the Abbot, philosophy, grammar and poetry teachers. One of the teacher teaches science to the students. Five of our nuns teach philosophy and English to the young nuns.

Philosophy is one of the main subjects; the nuns also study Pramana (logic), Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom), Madhyamika (Middle Way), Abhidhama (Treasure of Knowledge) and Vinaya (Monastic discipline). The nuns receive a certificate upon completion of each of the main texts.

Nuns receiving awards for getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in their class final exams held between July and August. Our Abbot and teachers from Gaden and Drepung monasteries were invited to the award ceremony.

Nuns Receive Degree


The Geshema examination process is an extremely rigorous examination which takes a

total of four years - one round per year.  In the 12-days exam period, the nuns must take

both oral (debate) and written exams. The nuns are examined on the entirety of their 17-

year course of study of the Five Great Canonical Texts.


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